To The

Genesee County Drain Commissioner

Surface Water Management





Jeff Wright,
Drain Commissioner

The Genesee County Drain Commissioner remains  committed to  the conservation and maintenance of existing natural areas , farmlands, and the redevelopment of our urban areas for the 21st Century. As part of the Commissioner's Goal's, The Surface Water Management Division is working toward reducing impairment of our water resources caused by stormwater runoff while addressing the problems caused by flooding and inadequate drainage systems.

The Surface Water Management Division operates and maintains the drainage systems created by Act 40 Public Acts of 1956 (Drain Code).  There are currently over 1400 districts established within Genesee County.  (Michigan Association of County Drain Commissioners produced a video about the role of Michigan the Drain Commissioners.  Click here to view video.)

The Division also constructs and maintains those Lake Level Controls on rivers and water bodies  within Genesee County as designated by the Board of Commissioners.  There are currently 11 controls.

The Drain Commissioner is the designated county agency for stormwater management by the Board of Commissioner's and coordinates the efforts in the Watershed Management for the County under the NPDES Phase II requirements.

The Drain Commissioner is also the designated county agency for water supply, wastewater collection and treatment.  The Water and Waste Services Division is responsible for Drinking Water,  Sanitary Sewer, and managing the County's Soil Erosion Program.