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Genesee County Drain Commissioner
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Annual Reports / Informational Updates

Through the Clean Water Act, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) establised the Phase II regulations in 1999. The NPDES Phase II requires permit coverage for storm water discharges from small Ms4s in urbanized areas and construction activities that disturb between 1 and 5 acres of land. Within Michigan the program is managed by the Michigan Energy, Great Lakes & Environment (EGLE ). Under EGLE, Genesee County and the communities that have an urbanized area, have applied for and received permits called certificate of coverage. One of the requirements of this permit is submitting an annual report, due due every other year due April 1.

Following reports submitted to MI WatersOpens a new window by April 1, 2022

EGLE has gone to their own questionaire, so we will not be mailing out one this year. Below is instructions on how to answer the questionaire and what needs to be uploaded.

MIWaters instructionsOpens a new window: open or download instructionsand follow steps to fill out current reporting period.(updated 5/11/21)

Things to note:
You are going to want your permit application so you can see what you committed to do.
In the permit application there are committments by you. make sure you report on those also. ie inspections, training, ...
Reporting period should be March 1, 2020 through March 1, 2021, check MIWaters to make sure of your reporting period.

If you do not have MIWaters account, here is an updated guidanceOpens a new window


Reporting Periods

For Genesee County and Nested Jurisdictions Click HereOpens a new window

Based on available records, Municipalities reports are due to the State by April 1st in the corisponding year below.

Even Years Odd Years Odd Years
Flint Township Davison Township City of Fenton
Mt. Morris Township Fenton Township City of Flushing
City of Davison Genesee Township City of Grand Blanc
  Vienna Township City of Linden
  City of Burton City of Mt. Morris
  City of Clio City of Swartz Creek

Current Reports

Reports to State are for the past 2 years

Past Reports

Additional Information

What is an Ms4?
An Ms4 is a drainage system (including roads, catch basins, curbs, gutters, parking lots, ditches, conduits, pumping devices, or man-made channels) that is owned by a government agency and designated or used for collecting storm water.

What is an Urbanized Area?
The Environmental Protection Agency defines Urbanized Areas as a land area comprising one or more places central place(s) and the adjacent densely settled surrounding area urban fringe that together have a residential population of at least 50,000 and an overall population density of at least 1,000 people per square mile .

Urbanized Area MapOpens a new window 2010 (Shaded Area Plus Hatched Area)- link redirects you to EGLE website

What is MI Water Newsletter 2015Opens a new window