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 SWPPI's & Training

Staff Training 

Manual from Good Housekeeping Training     Power Point Presentation 

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Additional Training

  MDEQ industrial training and certification.  If you are required to take this class the dates and locations link to the State website will show all the classes throughout Michigan where you may take the class.  
                                                        MDEQ Fees.  
                                                        MDEQ Industrial program webpage. 
Industrial Storm Water Certified Operator Training Manual 
                                                        Sample SWPPP(pdf)

The following is several videos produced by the MDEQ on SWPPP through their Industrial program. The below vidoes and other training can be found on the MDEQ webpage

Introduction to the Industrial Storm Water Program (March 2009)
This session provides an overview of the DEQ's Storm Water Program including how you determine if your facility needs a storm water permit.(Approx 10 minutes)

Storm Water Employee Training (March 2009)
Employee training is a required and essential part of an effective storm water pollution protection program. This session explains the importance of preventing contamination from storm water run off and ways employees can be involved at your facility. This session is designed to meet the permit requirements for employee training. Note that this file is large therefore you may want to download it if you have trouble viewing the session. (Approx 17 minutes)

What to Expect During a MDEQ Storm Water Inspection (March 2009)
Do you know what the MDEQ will be looking for when conducting a storm water inspection at your facility? This session explains the elements of a typical storm water inspection. (Approx 4 minutes)

Hubbell, Roth and Clark, Inc.  has provided me Standard Operating Procedures (Guidance) for several stormwater controls.  I have linked them here for your use.  I have not reviewed them, but felt that they may be helpful to you in developing/ revising your SOP.


2010 attendance list for the Good housekeeping trainings held April 8,2010, May 6, 2010 or  November 4, 2010.  This training is for Phase II communities /  agencies and their contractors so they may meet the NPDES Phase II permit requirements. 

2013 attendance list for the Good housekeeping training held April 18, 2013




Fall 2011 SWPPI submittals                                                                                               Sample letter to State.doc

Davison Township                SWPPI / Table Mundy Township                    SWPPI / Table City of Flushing                  SWPPI / Table

Fenton Township                   SWPPI / Table

Vienna Township                           SWPPI / Table City of Grand Blanc          SWPPI / Table

Flint Township                      SWPPI / Table

City of Burton                          SWPPI / Table City of Linden                     SWPPI / Table
Flushing Township               SWPPI / Table City of Clio                                        SWPPI / Table

City of Mt. Morris               SWPPI / Table

Genesee Township                SWPPI / Table City of Davison                                SWPPI / Table City of Swartz Creek        SWPPI / Table
Mt. Morris Township            SWPPI / Table  City of Fenton                                 SWPPI / Table  Genesee County                

*  The MIG100_ _ numbers are the Certificate of Coverage Number asked for on the front of the SWPPI