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Genesee County Drain Commissioner
Surface Water Management

Intercounty Boards

Intercounty Boards are those drains that cross County boundaries and exist in two or more Counties. This results in minor differences in the drain procedures due to the drain or drainage district being in more than one jurisdiction.

Drains are listed alphabetically

Intercounty Drain Meetings

00690 Bailey IC
0201 Bare IC Drain
0061 Bear Swamp IC
0750 Big Swamp IC
0762 Birch Run IC

0762 Birch Run Creek IC

0762 Birch Run Outlet IC

0279 Birch Run Southwest IC
0704 Black Creek IC
0730 Bohnmiller IC
0196 Burns and Vernon IC
0131 Clark IC
0100 Chalker IC
0240 Cooney IC
0077 Corrigal IC
0850 Dead Creek IC


0142 Dead Creek, Branch #1 IC
0854 Deerfield & Argentine IC
0857 Dimond IC
0877 Fox IC
0054 Frost IC
0921 Half Moon IC
0931 Hasler Creek IC
0117 Halser Inlet
0947 Holly IC
0962 Hutchinson & Young IC
0074 Langley IC
0984 Jones Creek IC
0151 Mc Neil IC
0663 Mikan IC
0555 Misteguay IC
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0270 Mud Lake IC
1698 Orchard Park IC
1122 Paddison Drain
1129 Peart IC
1144 Pinkham (& Deadcreek) IC

Starting in 2014 the Intercounty Board began the process to discuss ammending the drainage district boundaries to correct any discrepancies between the historic boundaries and what the boundaries are now.

1164 Reimel IC
1191 Ryan-Darling IC
0136 Silver Creek IC
1248 Sir IC Drain
1249 Skinner IC
0535 Special #7 IC
1260 Special #12 IC
0237 Thetford & Arbella IC
1306 Three Mile Creek IC
1313 Trinklein IC
0680 Tupper IC
0079 Webb Creek IC
1336 Wheeler IC
1348 Yellow River IC