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Genesee County Drain Commissioner

Surface Water Management






0017 Gilkey Creek and Branch Drain  

        The Drain Commissioner Constructs and Maintains Drains pursuant to Public Act 40 of 1956 "The Drain Code"


        Under this statute, residents within a drainage district may petition the Drain Commissioner's Office for drainage improvements. .  A petition was received by the Drain Commissioner for the Gilkey Creek dated September 3,2004


       Upon receipt and certification of a petition the Drain Commissioner is required to convene a Board of Determination meeting:  Residents within the Gilkey Creek and Branch were notified of the Board of Determination meeting by first class mail, as well as it being published in the Flint Journal.  The purpose of this meeting is for the Board of Determination to take testimony to determine the necessity of the proposed drain. The Board of Determination meeting was held on June21, 2005 at 2:00PM.  at the Atherton High School Gymnasium at 3354 South Genesee and was determined necessary.


        Jan 2006 through Aug 2007: Spicer Group was retained to survey the drain, identify the problems and propose solutions in the Preliminary Engineering Report.    A copy of this report was sent to the petitioner and each community within the Gilkey Creek and Branch Drainage district for a 30-day review period.  A copy of the executive summary was made available here on this website.


        Aug 2007 through Jan 2010: Drain Commissioner's Staff using the testimony from the Board of Determination, the Preliminary Engineering Report and any comments from the review period determined a preliminary design.  Based on that design, the Drain Office identified and acquired property to facilitate the preliminary design.


        June 2008 through May 2010: During this time, the Drain Office Staff explored and applied for grants available with the State of Michigan that would help pay for this project and improve water quality benefits.  Ultimately this effort was unsuccessful.


        May 2010 through Aug 2011: Spicer Group at the Drain Office's direction, developed the final design, Construction drawings, and  Bid Documents for the project. Property Owners within the Gilkey Creek and Branch Drainage District were notified of the Notice of Letting and Day of Review by first class mail, as well as it being published in the Flint Journal twice.   Bids were received  on Sept 23, 2011.


After 9AM Oct 12, 2011-the Day of Review, Individual Assessments will be known. 


Note: Your Parcel Number(s) is needed to look up your assessment(s).  On the envelope you received for the Notice of Letting, the 10-digit Parcel Number is printed above your name and address.