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Genesee County Drain Commissioner
Surface Water Management
Genesee County Drain Commissioner
Surface Water Management

Design Information

Design Standards
Design Parameters Date Effective 6/1/2018. (examples on last page were clarified in 2019)
Design Aids
Plan Submital

Genesee County Surface Water Management Division requires one set of plans to be submited to 4608 Beecher Rd., Flint MI 48532 for all projects that impact a County Drain or Genesee County Road Commission Drainage System. There is no review fee and plans typically take 2-3 weeks to review.

Permits and Review Forms
County Drain Specifications

Contract Documents: Beginning June 1, 2006 the contract books no longer include the General Conditions and our Standard Specifications. They can be printed from this site for free or for a $5.00 fee, a printed copy can be provided upon request. Also all work done for GCDC-SWM must comply with SESC manual for GCDC-SWM projects. Version 2018

Standard Details
GCDC SWM has found several construction practices acceptable in the past. The following are few of the Standard Details that can be used.