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Genesee County Drain Commissioner
Surface Water Management
Genesee County Drain Commissioner
Surface Water Management

Design Information

Design Standards
Design ParametersOpens a new window Date Effective 6/1/2018. (examples on last page were clarified in 2019)
Site Plan Submital SheetOpens a new window (Please submit a completed form with all plan submitals.  A review will not be completed without a complete form.  Effective date 12/15/2021 updated 5/6/2022)
Design Aids
Plan Submital

Genesee County Surface Water Management Division requires one set of plans to be submited to 4608 Beecher Rd., Flint MI 48532 for all projects that impact a County Drain or Genesee County Road Commission Drainage System. There is no review fee and plans typically take 2-3 weeks to review.

Permits and Review Forms
Pre Qualified Contractors List

The purpose of this pre-qualification process is to develop and maintain a list of pre-qualified contractors to perform non-petitioned maintenance work on behalf of the Genesee County Drain Commissioner and the various drainage districts under the jurisdiction of the Genesee County Drain Commissioner.

County Drain Specifications

Contract Documents: Beginning June 1, 2006 the contract books no longer include the General Conditions and our Standard Specifications. They can be printed from this site for free or for a $5.00 fee, a printed copy can be provided upon request. Also all work done for GCDC-SWM must comply with SESC manual for GCDC-SWM projects. Version 2018

Standard Details
GCDC SWM has found several construction practices acceptable in the past. The following are few of the Standard Details that can be used.