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Genesee County Drain Commissioner
Surface Water Management
Genesee County Drain Commissioner
Surface Water Management

Permit Application

2013 Permit Application Training: November 6, 2013, Mundy Township Hall.

Power Point Presentation
2010 Urbanized Area (Shaded Area Plus Hatched Area)
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IDEP 2014 update- Revised 2017 with markups.doc
Spill notification form Revised 2018-07-27

Individual Outfall Maps/Table 1- outfalls (REVISION DATE)

Davison Township (2020) City of Flushing (2015)
Fenton Township (2015) Vienna Township (2015) City of Grand Blanc (2015)
Flint Township (2015) City of Burton (2018) City of Linden (2015)
City of Clio (2021) City of Mt. Morris (2015)
Genesee Township (2018) City of Davison (2017) City of Swartz Creek (2015)
Mt. Morris Township (2021) City of Fenton (2015) Genesee County

Additional information

ILLICIT COMPLAINT FORM: When a community gets a complaint that someone is illegally dumping into a storm catch basin, ditch or watercourse, whoever takes the complaint should complete this form to make sure the call gets followed up.

OTHER EGLE REQUIREMENTS: Whether you are an agency that does their own or contracts it out, the procedures have been updated on the following activities:

MI guidance on when and how to handle street sweeping
EGLE guidance on how to handle catch basin cleanout and it's waste
EGLE guidance on how to handle sanitary sewer cleanout waste

Public Education Litrature