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Genesee County Drain Commissioner
Surface Water Management
Genesee County Drain Commissioner
Surface Water Management


Dear Genesee County Property Owner,

Below is a basic explanation of the Drain Special Assessment process that pays for maintaining the storm drain systems in Genesee County under my jurisdiction.

A properly maintained drainage system is important to county residents and businesses for everything from crop production to keeping streets passable and minimizing flood damage. A routinely maintained system is more cost effective, avoiding the need for large, expensive drain projects often required to rebuild a system that has been neglected for years.

The Drain Special Assessment process begins with the Day of Review of Apportionments in which you as a property owner are invited to review the records of construction efforts and costs for providing your land with storm drainage, and to discuss your proposed share of those costs. This Day of Review also provides the opportunity for you to inform my staff and I of additional maintenance issues, helping us do a better job for you in the future.

If work was done that benefits your property, those costs are assessed on the winter property tax bill as a special assessment and are paid with your property taxes.Drain assessments may be assessed over multiple years to help spread out the cost.


Jeffrey Wright,
Genesee County Drain Commissioner

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